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#!/usr/bin/env python
from __future__ import with_statement
from errno import EACCES
from os.path import realpath
from sys import argv, exit
from threading import Lock
import os
from fuse import FUSE, FuseOSError, Operations, LoggingMixIn
class Loopback(LoggingMixIn, Operations):
def __init__(self, root):
self.root = realpath(root)
self.rwlock = Lock()
def __call__(self, op, path, *args):
return super(Loopback, self).__call__(op, self.root + path, *args)
def access(self, path, mode):
if not os.access(path, mode):
raise FuseOSError(EACCES)
chmod = os.chmod
chown = os.chown
def create(self, path, mode):
return, os.O_WRONLY | os.O_CREAT, mode)
def flush(self, path, fh):
return os.fsync(fh)
def fsync(self, path, datasync, fh):
return os.fsync(fh)
def getattr(self, path, fh=None):
st = os.lstat(path)
return dict((key, getattr(st, key)) for key in ('st_atime', 'st_ctime',
'st_gid', 'st_mode', 'st_mtime', 'st_nlink', 'st_size', 'st_uid'))
getxattr = None
def link(self, target, source):
return, target)
listxattr = None
mkdir = os.mkdir
mknod = os.mknod
open =
def read(self, path, size, offset, fh):
with self.rwlock:
os.lseek(fh, offset, 0)
return, size)
def readdir(self, path, fh):
return ['.', '..'] + os.listdir(path)
readlink = os.readlink
def release(self, path, fh):
return os.close(fh)
def rename(self, old, new):
return os.rename(old, self.root + new)
rmdir = os.rmdir
def statfs(self, path):
stv = os.statvfs(path)
return dict((key, getattr(stv, key)) for key in ('f_bavail', 'f_bfree',
'f_blocks', 'f_bsize', 'f_favail', 'f_ffree', 'f_files', 'f_flag',
'f_frsize', 'f_namemax'))
def symlink(self, target, source):
return os.symlink(source, target)
def truncate(self, path, length, fh=None):
with open(path, 'r+') as f:
unlink = os.unlink
utimens = os.utime
def write(self, path, data, offset, fh):
with self.rwlock:
os.lseek(fh, offset, 0)
return os.write(fh, data)
if __name__ == "__main__":
if len(argv) != 3:
print 'usage: %s <root> <mountpoint>' % argv[0]
fuse = FUSE(Loopback(argv[1]), argv[2], foreground=True)