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<p>Want to contribute to the project? Awesome!</p>
<ul class='lispaced'>
<li>Join the <a href="/lists">mailing list</a>. Say hi.</li>
<li>Pick an area to tackle. Discuss it first, especially if it's large and/or not well designed yet.</li>
<li>Put your changes online somewhere for review &amp; git pulling.</li>
<li>Note that you'll need to agree to the appropriate Contributor License Agreement:
<li><a href="">Individual Contributor License Agreement</a> (electronic signature okay) </li>
<li><a href="">Corporate Contributor License Agreement</a> (requires faxing or mailing)</li>
(These make lawyers feel all warm and cozy about open source.)
<li>We'll submit your changes initially; but once you contribute
good changes for awhile, we'll get you direct commit access.</li>
<h1>Code Review</h1>
<ul class='lispaced'>
<li>Camlistore requires changes to be reviewed before they are committed.</li>
<li>Sign in to Gerrit at <a href=""></a> and set your username + SSH key(s).
If your Gerrit username is not the same as your local machine's $USER, add a section like:
User &lt;your-gerrit-username&gt;
to your ssh config file (probably <tt>~/.ssh/config</tt>).</li>
<li>Usual Work Flow</li>
<li>Create a topic branch. Commit away. If you modify or squash your commits during review, don't touch <a href="">the Change-Id line</a>.</li>
<li>Send for review, with:<pre>./misc/review</pre> (assuming your Gerrit username is the same as your local machine's $USER)</li>
<li>... (review, modify, git add [changed files], git commit --amend, running ./misc/review again during review, until change is merged) ... </li>
<li>Finally, if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask the <a href='/lists'>mailing list</a> if you have questions.</li>
<li>Have Fun!</li>