Environment Variables

The standard library's strconv.ParseBool is used to parse boolean environment variables. It accepts 1, t, T, TRUE, true, True, 0, f, F, FALSE, false, False. Any other value is an implicit false.

For integer values, strconv.Atoi is used which means only base 10 numbers are valid.

AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID (string) and AWS_ACCESS_KEY_SECRET (string) : See http://docs.aws.amazon.com/fws/1.1/GettingStartedGuide/index.html?AWSCredentials.html. Used in s3 tests. If not set some tests are skip. If set, queries will be sent to Amazon's S3 service.

CAMLI_APP_BINDIR (string) : Path to the directory where Perkeep first looks for the server applications executables, when starting them. It looks in PATH otherwise.

CAMLI_AUTH (string) : See server-config. Used as a fallback in pkg/client.Client (except on android) when configuration files lack and ‘auth’ entry. If a client is using the -server commandline to specify the Perkeep instance to talk to, this env var takes precedence over that specified in the configuration files.

CAMLI_BASEURL (string) : URL set in devcam to act as a baseURL in the devcam launched perkeepd.

CAMLI_CACHE_DIR (string) : Path used by pkg/osutil to override operating system specific cache directory.

CAMLI_CONFIG_DIR (string) : Path used by pkg/osutil to override operating system specific configuration directory.

CAMLI_DBNAME (string) : Backend specific data source name (DSN). Set in devcam to pass database configuration for the indexer to the devcam launched perkeepd.

CAMLI_DEBUG (bool) : Used by perkeepd and pk put to enable additional commandline options. Used in pkg/schema to enable additional logging.

CAMLI_DEBUG_CONFIG (bool) : Causes pkg/serverconfig to dump low-level configuration derived from high-level configuation on load.

CAMLI_DEBUG_X (string) : String containing magic substring(s) to enable debuggging in code.

CAMLI_DEBUG_UPLOADS (bool) : Used by pkg/client to enable additional logging.

CAMLI_DEFAULT_SERVER (string) : The server alias to use by default. The string is the server's alias key in the client-config.json “servers” object. If set, the CAMLI_DEFAULT_SERVER takes precedence over the “default” bool in client-config.json.

CAMLI_DEV_CAMLI_ROOT (string) : If set, the base directory of Perkeep when in dev mode. Used by pkg/server for finding static assests (js, css, html). Used as a signal by pkg/index/* and pkg/server to output more helpful error message when run under devcam.

CAMLI_DEV_CLOSURE_DIR (string) : Path override for pkg/server. If specified, this path will be used to serve the closure handler.

CAMLI_DISABLE_IMPORTERS (bool) : If true, importers are disabled (at least automatic background importing, e.g. at start-up). Mostly for debugging.

CAMLI_FAST_DEV (bool) : Used by dev/demo.sh for giving presentations with devcam server/put/etc for faster pre-built builds, without calling make.go.

CAMLI_FORCE_OSARCH (bool) Used by make.go to force building an unrecommended OS/ARCH pair.

CAMLI_GCE_\* : Variables prefixed with CAMLI_GCE_ concern the Google Compute Engine deploy handler in pkg/deploy/gce, which is only used by camweb to launch Perkeep on Google Compute Engine. They do not affect Perkeep's behaviour.

CAMLI_GCE_CLIENTID (string) : See CAMLI_GCE_* first. This string is used by gce.DeployHandler as the application's OAuth Client ID. If blank, camweb does not enable the Google Compute Engine launcher.

CAMLI_GCE_CLIENTSECRET (string) : See CAMLI_GCE_* first. Used by gce.DeployHandler as the application's OAuth Client Secret. If blank, gce.NewDeployHandler returns an error, and camweb fails to start if the Google Compute Engine launcher was enabled.

CAMLI_GCE_DATA (string) : See CAMLI_GCE_* first. Path to the directory where gce.DeployHandler stores the instances configuration and state. If blank, the “camli-gce-data” default is used instead.

CAMLI_GCE_PROJECT (string) : See CAMLI_GCE_* first. ID of the Google Project that provides the above client ID and secret. It is used when we query for the list of all the existing zones, since such a query requires a project ID. If blank, a hard-coded list of zones is used instead.

CAMLI_GCE_SERVICE_ACCOUNT (string) : See CAMLI_GCE_* first. Path to a Google service account JSON file. This account should have at least compute.readonly permissions on the Google Project wih ID CAMLI_GCE_PROJECT. It is used to authenticate when querying for the list of all the existing zones. If blank, a hard-coded list of zones is used instead.

CAMLI_GCE_XSRFKEY (string) : See CAMLI_GCE_* first. Used by gce.DeployHandler as the XSRF protection key. If blank, gce.NewDeployHandler generates a new random key instead.

CAMLI_GOPHERJS_GOROOT (string) : As gopherjs does not build with go tip, when make.go is run with go devel, CAMLI_GOPHERJS_GOROOT should be set to a Go 1.10 root so that gopherjs can be built with Go 1.10. Otherwise it defaults to $HOME/go1.10.

`CAMLI_HELLO_ENABLED (bool) : Whether to start the hello world app as well. Variable used only by devcam server.

CAMLI_HTTP_DEBUG (bool) : Enable per-request logging in pkg/webserver.

CAMLI_HTTP_EXPVAR (bool) : Enable json export of expvars at /debug/vars

CAMLI_HTTP_PPROF (bool) : Enable standard library's pprof handler at /debug/pprof/

CAMLI_IGNORED_FILES (string) : Override client configuration option ‘ignoredFiles’. Comma-seperated list of files to be ignored by pkg/client when uploading.

CAMLI_INCLUDE_PATH (string) : Path to search for files. Referenced in pkg/osutil and used indirectly by go4.org/jsonconfig.ConfigParser to search for files mentioned in configurations. This is used as a last resort after first checking the current directory and the Perkeep config directory. It should be in the OS path form, i.e. unix-like systems would be /path/1:/path/two:/some/other/path, and Windows would be C:\path\one;D:\path\2

CAMLI_KEYID (string) : Optional GPG identity to use, taking precedence over config files. Used by devcam commands, in config/dev-server-config.json, and config/dev-client-dir/client-config.json as the public ID of the GPG key to use for signing.

CAMLI_KV_VERIFY (bool) : Enable all the VerifyDb* options in cznic/kv, to e.g. track down corruptions.

CAMLI_KVINDEX_ENABLED (bool) : Use cznic/kv as the indexer. Variable used only by devcam server.

CAMLI_LEVELDB_ENABLED (bool) : Use syndtr/goleveldb as the indexer. Variable used only by devcam server.

CAMLI_MEMINDEX_ENABLED (bool) : Use a memory-only indexer. Supported only by devcam server.

CAMLI_MONGO_WIPE (bool) : Wipe out mongo based index on startup.

CAMLI_NO_FILE_DUP_SEARCH (bool) : This will cause the search-for-exists-before-upload step to be skipped when pk put is uploading files.

CAMLI_PPROF_START (string) : Filename base to write a “.cpu” and “.mem” profile out to during server start-up. Used to profile index corpus scanning, mostly.

`CAMLI_PUBLISH_ENABLED (bool) : Whether to start the publisher app as well. Variable used only by devcam server.

`CAMLI_SCANCAB_ENABLED (bool) : Whether to start the scanning cabinet app as well. Variable used only by devcam server.

CAMLI_SECRET_RING (string) : Path to the GPG secret keyring, which is otherwise set by identitySecretRing in the server config, and secretRing in the client config.

`CAMLI_SHA1_ENABLED (bool) : Whether to enable the use of legacy sha1 blobs. Only used for development, for creating new blobs with the legacy SHA-1 hash, instead of with the current one. It does not affect the ability of Perkeep to read SHA-1 blobs.

CAMLI_DISABLE_CLIENT_CONFIG_FILE (bool) : If set, the pkg/client code will never use the on-disk config file.

CAMLI_TRACK_FS_STATS (bool) : Enable operation counts for fuse filesystem.

CAMLI_TRUSTED_CERT (string) : Override client configuration option ‘trustedCerts’. Comma-seperated list of paths to trusted certificate fingerprints.

CAMPUT_ANDROID_OUTPUT (bool) : Enable pkg/client status messages to print to stdout. Used in android client.

CAMLI_DEBUG_IMAGES (bool) : Enable extra debugging in pkg/images when decoding images. Used by indexers.

CAMLI_DISABLE_DJPEG (bool) : Disable use of djpeg(1) to down-sample JPEG images by a factor of 2, 4 or 8. Only has an effect when djpeg is found in the PATH.

CAMLI_DISABLE_THUMB_CACHE (bool) : If true, no thumbnail caching is done, and URLs even have cache buster components, to force browsers to reload a lot.

CAMLI_REDO_INDEX_ON_RECEIVE (bool) : If true, the indexer will always index any blob it receives, regardless of whether it thinks it's done it in the past. This is generally only useful when working on the indexing code and retroactively indexing a subset of content without forcing a global reindexing.

CAMLI_VAR_DIR (string) : Path used by pkg/osutil to override operating system specific application storage directory. Generally unused.

CAMLI_S3_FAIL_PERCENT (int) : Number from 0-100 of what percentage of the time to fail receiving blobs for the S3 handler.

DEV_THROTTLE_KBPS (integer) and DEV_THROTTLE_LATENCY_MS (integer) : Rate limit and/or inject latency in pkg/webserver responses. A value of 0 disables traffic-shaping.

RUN_BROKEN_TESTS (bool) : Run known-broken tests.