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** How to build the Perkeep server docker image (for the GCE launcher): **
$ go run ./misc/docker/dock.go -rev=$GIT_REVISION -upload=true
** How to build a release tarball for binaries: **
$ go run ./misc/release/make-release.go -rev=$GIT_REVISION -kind=darwin
will generate ./misc/release/perkeep-darwin.tar.gz
use -upload=true to directly upload the tarball to the perkeep-release Google Cloud bucket.
** How to generate a release, i.e. all the tarballs/zips, and the release page: **
go run ./misc/release/make-release.go -rev=$GIT_REVISION -version=0.10.1 -stats_from=d6fb092e69ebf96faa68b3c2379aeb3563840c1b
It will create the archives in ./misc/release, upload them (with a versioned name) to the perkeep-release bucket, and it will create the ./doc/release/release.html page.