Share Claim

A share claim makes blob(s) available to others. (that is, parties who are not the owner of the Perkeep instance).


{"camliVersion": 1,

 // Type of authentication required to access the share. Currently only haveref
 // is supported, which means that anyone with the claim blobref can access.
 "authType": "haveref",

 "camliType": "claim",
 "camliSigner": "sha1-f2b0b7da718b97ce8c31591d8ed4645c777f3ef4",
 "claimDate": "2014-09-04T20:04:09.193945801Z",
 "claimType": "share",

 // The blob or search to share. Exactly one of these must be present. It is an
 // error to set neither or both.
 "target": "sha1-543fbdfdbcb1297af8a4dc7d299c0cb90e2bea0f",
 "search": <JSON object of type *search.SearchQuery>,

 // If true, anything recursively reachable from target or search is also
 // shared. Edges that are guaranteed to be followed for purposes of
 // reachability are:
 // - blobRef and bytesRef values of camliType="blob|file"
 // - members of camliType="static-set"
 // Currently reachability is implemented more loosely, but clients should not
 // depend on that.
 "transitive": false,