Static Set schema


{"camliVersion": 1,
 "camliType": "static-set",

 // Required.
 // May be ordered to unordered, depending on context/needs.  If unordered,
 // it's recommended but not required to sort the blobrefs.
 "members": [
    "digalg-blobref-item1",  // maybe a file?
    "digalg-blobref-item2",  // maybe a directory?
    "digalg-blobref-item3",  // maybe a symlink?
    "digalg-blobref-item4",  // maybe a permanode?
    "digalg-blobref-item5",  // ... don't know until you fetch it
    "digalg-blobref-item6",  // ... and what's valid depends on context
    "digalg-blobref-item7",  // ... a permanode in a directory would
    "digalg-blobref-item8"   // ... be invalid, for instance.

Note: dynamic sets are structured differently, using a permanode and membership claim nodes. The above is just for presenting a snapshot of members.