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Camlistore contributors regularly use Linux and OS X, and both are
100% supported.
Developing on Windows is sometimes broken, but should work. Let us
know if we broke something, or we accidentally depend on some
Unix-specific build tool somewhere.
See for information on how to
contribute to the project and submit patches. Notably, we use Gerrit
for code review. Our Gerrit instance is at
See architecture docs:
You can view docs for Camlistore packages with local godoc, or
It's recommended you use git to fetch the source code, rather than
hack from a Camlistore release's zip file:
$ git clone
(We use github for distribution and collaboration with some people,
but the Gerrit git server & code review system is the main repo.)
After cloning it, move the top-level directory to be named
"" under your $GOPATH/src. (e.g. if your $GOPATH is
$HOME, put the Camlistore git repo at $HOME/src/ This
isn't required for normal users, but is assumed for people hacking on
On Debian/Ubuntu, some deps to get started:
$ sudo apt-get install libsqlite3-dev sqlite3 pkg-config git make
Then we use the following scripts to run a hermetic, self-contained
environment independent (with its own config files & storage space):
$ ./dev-server
$ ./dev-camput
$ ./dev-camget
... etc.
- Upload a file (make sure this works):
~/camlistore/dev-camput file ~/camlistore/COPYING
- Create a permanode:
~/camlistore/dev-camput permanode
- Use the UI: http://localhost:3179/ui/
Please update this file as appropriate.