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There are two TODO lists. This file (good for airplanes) and the online bug tracker:
Offline list:
-- support for building (with just "make" or "go run make.go" for
Windows) without having the camlistore-0.1.tar.gz extracted
into a GOPATH (or really: not having any GOPATH set). should
be possible to just install binary release of Go 1.1,
download Camlistore, and run "go run make.go", which will
make a temp directory for the GOPATH, copy all files to it,
and run "go install".
-- tests for all cmd/* stuff, perhaps as part of some integration
-- move most of camput into a library, not a package main.
-- server cron support: full syncs, camput file backups, integrity
-- status in top right of UI: sync, crons. (in-progress, un-acked
-- encryption blobserver.Storage wrapper (like cond & replicate)
putting encrypted metadata in one blobserver.Storage and encrypted
blobs in another blobserver.Storage. the metadata one will
occasionally be scanned and small (single record) items be combined
into larger metadata blobs with the small ones removed.
enumeration comes from opening all metadata blobs and merge-sorting
them all. the metadata blobs are themselves blobs (content-addressed and all),
containing encrypted data of:
(plaintext-blobref plaintext-size encrypted-blobref that-enc-blob-IV)
Using AES and crypto/cipher (re-consult agl on specifics)
-- peer-to-peer server and blobserver target to store encrypted blobs
on stranger's hardrives. server will be open source so groups of
friends/family can run their own for small circles, or some company
could run a huge instance. spray encrypted backup chunks across
friends' machines, and have central server(s) present challenges to
the replicas to have them verify what they have and how big, and
also occasionally say what the SHA-1("challenge" + blob-data) is.
-- newui: add a Makefile rule (like "make embeds") to actually run the
Closure Compiler on the newui code, and show errors/warnings, and
generate new z*_embed.js file(s). (we can do rolling checksum splits
of it later. TODO also: figure out if we can compile in non-minifying
mode for now, to increase chances of rolling checksums splitting
-- sharing: make camget work with permanode sets too, not just
"directory" and "file" things.
-- sharing: when hitting e.g. http://myserver/share/sha1-xxxxx, if
a web browser and not a smart client (Accept header? User-Agent?)
then redirect or render a cutesy gallery or file browser instead,
still with machine-readable data for slurping.
-- rethink the directory schema so it can a) represent directories
with millions of files (without making a >1MB or >16MB schema blob),
probably forming a tree, similar to files. but rather than rolling checksum,
just split lexically when nodes get too big.
-- delete mostly-obsolete camsigd. see big TODO in camsigd.go.
-- we used to be able live-edit js/css files in server/camlistored/ui when
running under the App Engine That's now broken with my
latest efforts to revive it. The place to start looking is:
-- should a "share" claim be not a claim but its own permanode, so it
can be rescinded? right now you can't really unshare a "haveref"
claim. or rather, TODO: verify we support "delete" claims to
delete any claim, and verify the share system and indexer all
support it. I think the indexer might, but not the share system.
Also TODO: "camput delete" or "rescind" subcommand.
-- make the -transitive flag for "camput share -transitive" be a tri-state:
unset, true, false, and unset should then mean default to true for "file"
and "directory" schema blobs, and "false" for other things.
-- index: static directory recursive sizes: search: ask to see biggest directories?
-- index: index dates in filenames ("yyyy-mm-dd-Foo-Trip", "yyyy-mm blah", etc).
-- get webdav server working again, for mounting on Windows. This worked before Go 1
but bitrot when we moved pkg/fs to use the rsc/fuse.
-- read/write fuse. using search / camliMember, permanode per inode
( + Go camlistore client == easy?)
-- work on runsit more, so I can start using this more often. runsit should
be able to reload itself, and also watch for binaries changing and restart
when binaries change. (or symlinks to binaries)
-- BUG: ./dev-server and hitting http://localhost:3179/ shouldn't mention
the /setup handler.
-- add gofmt check to "make presubmit". also add "make fmt" target.
-- BUG: osutil paths.go on OS X: should use Library everywhere instead of mix of
Library and ~/.camlistore?
-- camput: support for skipping common cache/temp files (most of the support is
there now, just need to modify cmd/camput/files.go)
-- add CROS support?
-- brackup integration, perhaps sans GPG? (requires Perl client?)
-- blobserver test suite: flesh it out. ( ... it's pretty good
so far, but not done)
-- blobserver: clean up channel-closing consistency in blobserver interface
(most close, one doesn't. all should probably close)
[ ] Fix wake locks in UploadThread. need to hold CPU + WiFi whenever
something's enqueued at all and we're running. Move out of the Thread
that's uploading itself.
[ ] GPG signing of blobs (brad)
(supports signing in code, but not an Intent?)
... mailed the author.
Client libraries:
[X] Go
[X] JavaScript
[/] Python (Brett)
[ ] Perl
[ ] Ruby
[ ] PHP